Does God still make Himself known?

Are we simply left to "make do"?

Or is there more that God has fo us?


If you've checked, you will know that there are only 28 chapters of the book of Acts in the Bible. So. how can we claim to present a series based on Acts 29?


In this six-week series we will explore what it means to be a community of God's people who are empowered for mission in a world that is desperately in need of genuine hope.


But before we ever dare going into the world, we are called to experience the transforming and renewing power of the Holy Spirit in our lives individually and as communities of faith. Only then will we be able to truly live out Jesus' command to "go into all the world".

You can participate in the Acts Twenty9 series at:


5:30pm Saturday      @ Flinders Public School

8:30 &10am Sunday @ Albion Park Uniting Church

6:30pm Sunday         @ Albion Park Uniting Church


each week will stand alone but will build on preceeding week's messages

Week 3 - Prayer:

Acts 2:42: “They devoted themselves…to the breaking of bread and to prayer."

Is prayer more than a list we present to God?


Does prayer really make a difference?


Why can it be so difficult to pray?