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Ministry is never a solo task. We are privileged to share iin mission with a number of other churches and organisations.

You can check some of them by following the links below.

In 2014 CityServe was established in Shellharbour. A group of pastors heard about the Newcastle initiative and approached Rick Prosser to establish the program in their local area.  The ‘Little Park’ Project was successfully completed; 150 plus volunteers contribute 750 hours of move tonnes of topsoil, soft fall and mulch throughout the park.  Gardens were tidied, and fences, handrails and gates repainted. The volunteers partnered with Shellharbour local council and a sense of community and unity established.

Whirlpool Youth runs Friday nights during school terms at Albion Park Uniting Church.
We're here to have fun, empower youth and help lead them on the path to God.

Immerse (Year 6-8): 6.00pm-8.00pm

Slavery has many forms and names, but it’s still slavery. And it’s still wrong.

Can you imagine being forced to work without pay, trapped, unable to walk away, subject to violence or the threat of violence, by another person as they control you? Own you? Isolated, yet hidden in plain sight. This is reality for those trapped in slavery today. In the year 2018. Slavery is illegal in every single country in the world. Yet it still exists.