SCRC @ Albion Park Uniting Church
Sunday - 5:30pm 

This Gathering primarily aims to be a place where families (of all ages) can worship together.


The risk in having multiple Gatherings is that it is more difficult to build community amongst the various age groups and Gatherings. One way we attempt to address this is in semi-regular combined Gatherings, as well as encouraging every one to be part of a Growth Group and by sharing in the same teaching/preaching (especially semi-regular series shared across all of our Gatherings within the Shellharbour City Region. 
This is still a work in progress.

It should be said that this Gathering can, at times, be somewhat chaotic and noisy but it is always energetic and fun as we seek to discover what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ for a lifetime not just a season, and how following Jesus can, and should, make a serious difference in the health and strength of every relationship we have:






This Gathering usually meets for about 75 minutes and then we share a meal together as part of our being a community. This meal is not an add-on after we have worshipped but is a significant part of our worship together.

During January we also Gather informally at a variety of venues for SCRC Summer Splash - an informal time where we meet to enjoy the beauty of creation. Check out the website and/or Facebook for details.








If your preference is classical hymns and quiet reflection, this is probably not the place for you (we do have something to offer you though). 

But if you are interested in exploring how people of all ages can learn from and teach one another - using multi-media, craft, song, and developing multi-age relationships, come along and see.

  • marriage

  • parents

  • children

  • partners

  • friends

  • neighbours

  • work colleagues

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