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The biblical expression of leadership consistently shows that God's view is that "it is not good for a [person] to be alone." This is especially true when it comes to providing leadership of communities of people. No one person has the necessary gifts, skils or time to adequately and creatively lead a growing community of faith.

Recognising that truth, the plan at SCRC is to seek to grow ministry and mission teams that work together inseeking to grow our mission within the communities we are called to serve. Some temas will be large, others smaller but the one common thread is that we work as a team.

Of course, there is always the need for leadership and oversight. Each Ministry/Mission Team will be overseen by a Team Leader, all the Team Leaders will be overseen by an elected Council.

In addition, we will have people specifically called and set apart to provide leadership oversight of our mission.

At the moment our Ministry Team is:

Mark Greenlees
Lead Pastor

Mark has been in ministry in one form or another for over 30 years - first as a youth worker, then in running a Christian bookstore and then, when there was nowhere left to run, in ordained ministry.

In between those experiences he worked in the automotive industry and as one of the first employed high school SRE teachers.

Mark has been married to Robyn for 37 years, and together they have a history of planting new congregations and new expressions of God's community, and continue to have a desire to see the church renewed and revitalised to be the mission force God longs for us to be.

Mark and Robyn have three adult children, one adult son-in-law, one adult daughter-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren.

"For us ministry and mission is a privileged calling. We usually receive far more from those we are blessed to work alongside than anything we might possibly give."

At the very heart of Mark's ministry is a desire to see healthy, vibrant, Christ-centred local churches gathering in as many ways as possible. The church is called to be an irresistible presence, always seeking ways to bring life and health into our communities.


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Watch this space
New Team Members coming

The Team is by no means complete as yet.

In coming months we hope to introduce you to the next members of the SCRC Ministry Team.