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Updated: Fri, 07/12/2024 - 12:16

鶹 Alert. The downtown campus will remain partially closed through the evening of Monday, July 15. See the for details.

Alerte de 鶹. Le campus du centre-ville restera partiellement fermé jusqu’au lundi 15 juillet, en soirée. Complément d’information : .

鶹 campus buildings in the Fall

Office of Ethics + Compliance

If researchers are working with humanparticipants, or animals, or will be dealing with radioactive or biohazardous materials, proper certification must be obtained beforeresearch may begin.

鶹 follows strictresearch integritystandards. Alongside this, 鶹 cultivates and reinforces a culture that enables its members to identify and resolveconflicts of interestwith the support and guidance of the administration and their units.

The Ethics + Compliance section of the website includes research involving animals, research involving humans, and information on regulations and safety:

white rats in a container

Research Involving Animals

Millions of human and animal lives have been saved, improved and extended thanks to the results of humane scientific research that has relied upon animals at various stages.

a researcher placing a medical piece of equipment on another person

Research Involving Humans

Ethics review and approval of research involving humans must be obtained before any recruitment or data collection occurs.

a modern business office with large windows and people walking around

Regulations + Safety

Important information and resources concerning health and safety, export controls and controlled goods, classifies info and security clearances, and conflicts of interest.

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